The mission of the “Intelligent Hospital ™” is to educate clinicians, other healthcare professionals and the broader life sciences community on facilitating increased patient safety, improved clinical work flow and better access and real time dissemination of  information to the point of care, using “Real-Time” demonstrations of integrated solutions using auto-ID, RFID, RTLS, mobile devices, Sensor and Wireless technologies in a patient care environment.

The educational demonstrations at the HIMSS 2013, “Intelligent Hospital ™” Pavilion will deliver a number of compelling use cases across collaborating vendors that will highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly, interoperate with state of the art, medical equipment and co-exist to improve the overall patient care environment.

OR HIMSS12This Pavilion is all about delivering an educational message to the end user community and raising the level of awareness of the healthcare, nursing home and assisted living industries about the use of these technologies and their many applications. With the growing use of RFID and RTLS technologies in healthcare it became apparent to The RFID in Healthcare Consortium that it needed to bring all of these technologies together under one Pavilion for mutual benefit at HIMSS 2013.To help raise the level of awareness of these technologies to the healthcare industry the RFID in Healthcare Consortium is collaborating with HIMSS to integrate selected RFID & RTLS vendors into this new Pavilion.

Unlike other Pavilions at HIMSS, this Pavilion is “By Invitation Only” and is focused on delivering a Unified educational message from its sponsors to end users. Corporate sponsors should use this Pavilion to get healthcare professionals interested in their technology/solution and thereby raising their interest level. Then have these interested professionals come and visit your larger Booth at HIMSS.

The Pavilion will bring together not only RFID and RTLS technology firms and their many use cases but also new and complementary technologies such as NFC, bar coding, software, sensors, and wireless technology firms all at ONE easy, accessible location. Situated adjacent to the large, well trafficked HIMSS Interoperability Pavilion, attending healthcare professionals and clinicians will see a number of options and scenarios.

In addition, this Pavilion will serve as home for those technology firms who will be attending HIMSS for the first time and many new start up firms showing their technology for the first time in our “Innovation Corner”. To learn more about HIMSS13,  view the HIMSS13 brochure HERE!

The  Pavilion for 2013 will be OVER 13,000 SQUARE FEET


This Pavilion will be comprised of approximately 30 to 36 kiosks  of different shapes and sizes and they will all come with a computer monitor, broadband, hardwired, Internet connection, AC, two chairs and brochure racks. Naturally, the higher the level of sponsorship the larger the Kiosk. These Kiosks will be manned by corporate technology sponsors to meet with interested parties.vendors crowds

Intelligent Hospital

The highlight of this Pavilion will be a series of FIVE connecting hospital rooms that will include the following:

Operating Room Suite, War Room, ICU/Stepdown, ED and Hospital Pharmacy

The hardware, software, mobile devices, and technology in these rooms is being provided by selected corporate sponsors who support the educational mission of HIMSS and the RFID in Healthcare Consortium in keeping with the theme of educating the end user community on these new technologies through this RFID & RTLS Pavilion.

Visitors will be able to take tours of this “Intelligent Hospital ™”conducted by our volunteer staff of Clinician / Tour guides. They will be able to see and hear a detailed explanation of the various technologies and processes within this area. The Clinician / Tour guides will be demonstrating different passive RFID and RTLS use cases and showing the ability to capture patient data in a REAL time environment, with the aid of hand held mobile devices and then transmitting this data onto the hospital EMR and delivering it to clinicians’ iPads, iPhones, and Blackberries in a real time manner thus helping to improve the quality of care and safety of patients.

leadership theaterTechnology Leadership Theater

A speaking theater within the Pavilion where the premier level corporate sponsors will deliver 20 minute educational programs on their products and services to attendees.

Information desk

The Pavilion will be furnished with an information booth to direct Pavilion visitors to the various areas of the Pavilion and to distribute the Pavilion Handbook.

Intelligent Hospital Pavilion Handbook HIMSS 2013Pavilion Educational Handbook & CD

A printed as well as a digital version of The RFID & RTLS Pavilion booklet will be published and distributed to Pavilion visitors at no charge, containing educational information on these technologies along with corporate information on all qualified corporate sponsors who have paid to be in the booklet according to their level of sponsorship.

RHCC Awards Ceremony

We are extremely pleased to announce the  launch of the RHCC Annual Awards for the most compelling Healthcare projects  from around the world which have utilized emerging technologies to significantly  impact the patient care experience, patient safety and hospital operations.

This year,  we will be inviting hospitals to submit proposals which will be judged by a non-  vendor, non- media panel.  More   details to follow in the coming  months.  The Awards  will be given out at the cocktail party reception.

Cocktail Party Reception Nights One & Two

Cocktail Party receptions  will be hosted in the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion at the end of the first two days of the exhibition.   Vendors will be given tickets to distribute to visitors.   It is anticipated that we will have 100+ guests at each reception  providing an excellent opportunity to further promote the technologies showcased  in the Pavilion.

Facts from 2012

Facts about our pavilion at HIMSS 2012:
  • Overwhelmingly successful
  • 37 Paid Sponsors
  • Over 4,000 visitors
  • 5000 Educational Handbooks distributed
  • Positive feedback from exhibitors and attendees
  • Over 10,000 square feet for 2012 (over 13,000 square feet planned for 2013)

Facts about our pre-conference one day RFID & RTLS symposium:
  • Sold out - Standing Room Only - over 200 paid attendees
  • Compelling case studies
  • HIMSS certification credit
  • Symposium 2013 – seating for over 250 people

Advisory Board

Our Pavilion Advisory Board consists of highly professional people. Learn more

Online Demo Video

A demonstration of the 2011 Pavilion can be viewed at the following link

Become a Sponsor

For any interest in our sponsorship packages or to receive a list of our sponsors, please contact: Harry P. Pappas,
CEO RFID in Healthcare Consortium
Phone: +1-484 995-8383
Skype: hppappas1

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Read the Full Press Release with more information about the Intelligent Hospital Awards HERE!