IHTV Releases New Video – History of The  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion 2011 – 2014

History Film icon smallNEW YORK, August 5, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV)  just released a new video – “History of The  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion 2011 – 2014″. Since the the launch of the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS11 in Orlando, it has been the most visited venue at the show. Growing from 3,500 sq.ft. in 2011 to 26,000 sq.feet in 2014 with the addition of an Intelligent Medical Home, the exhibit has impressed, informed and educated visitors at an ever increasing rate. Watch the video here

Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion Debuts at the 2014 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition

Innovative Exhibit during World’s Largest Meeting of Pharmacists to Demonstrate Patient Safety Technologies

NEW YORK, July 7, 2014 – The Intelligent Healthcare Association (IHA), in a partnership with ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists), is excited to introduce the first-ever Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion (IPP) at ASHP’s 2014 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Anaheim, CA, December 7-11.

This 7,200-square-foot pavilion will feature demonstration rooms that will showcase the latest technologies being utilized in today’s hospitals and ambulatory care pharmacies. The IPP will allow healthcare professionals to observe the integration of medication management technology and patient care delivery.  Follow this link to read the full press release.

IHTV Releases  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion Step Down Room  and ED Videos

ED Film icon smallNEW YORK, July 7, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV)  just released the Step Down Room and Emergency Department videos from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February.

The Step-Down / Med Surg area of the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion represents a moderate acuity  environment responsible for managing a broad spectrum of patients.  Patients are typically increasingly mobile and the clinical staff is more dependent on the delivery of critical information directly to the point of care.

The Emergency Department of the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion represents a high pace envir/h2>ocessing and broad spectrum of clinical information to readily available and documented.

It is the goal of the Intelligent Health Association to raise the level of awareness of the available technologies and provide educational programs around research, standards, regulatory issues, operational flow and optimization. Follow this link to view both videos.

IHTV Releases  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion LDPR Video

L and D Film icon smallNEW YORK, June 16, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV)  just released the LDPR video from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February. Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Post-Partum (LDRP) Rooms are designed to provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere that facilitates patient safety, operational efficiencies, and an overall favorable patient experience. In support of baby friendly hospital initiatives, the LDRP room provides a private environment that promotes the initial bonding between mother and child, allows for caregivers to deliver personalized education, and support for breast feeding and infant care.

Maternal – fetal monitoring during labor and delivery helps care providers implement best practices and improve patient outcomes. These rooms are designed to accommodate state-of-the-art fetal monitoring technology, medical equipment, and supplies that are ready for use when needed throughout the patient’s entire stay. Perinatal data systems capture data from the fetal monitor and import the strips into the system for electronic surveillance and remote monitoring. The patients’ electronic medical record is able to be captured through the documentation modules designed around the clinical workflow specific to labor and delivery. All associated data is integrated to the Healthcare Information System (HIS) providing a complete electronic medical record. Special tools enable care providers the ability to get fast, accurate assistance in the assessment of FHR baseline, variability, accelerations and decelerations, and to apply NICHD definitions with confidence and clarity. Through the use of remote technology (smart phones and/or internet) physicians are able to monitor their patients and utilize the special tools. The perinatal system provides patients with confidence that they are being monitored at all times, even when the care provider is not in the room. Watch the video here

IHTV Releases  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion Cardiology Suite Video

cardio icon smallNEW YORK, June 13, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV) just released the Cardiology Suite video from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February. In this simulation the Cardiology Suite  functions as the command center for the Cardiac  Catherization and Electrophysiology  at the Intelligent Hospital ,  as well being the Cardiology data center.   Within the data center cardiologist can access a variety of patient centric information including;   historical ECG, Holter data, stress /echo, and catherization images.    Watch the video here

IHTV Releases  Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion Operating Room Suite Video

OR Film icon NEW YORK, June 2, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV) just released the Operating Room Suite video from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February. Learn about some of the exciting technologies featured in the Operating Room Suite and how they could promote patient safety and operational efficiency within your healthcare institution.  Watch the videos here

IHTV Releases Supply Chain Video

Supply Chain Film icon smallNEW YORK, May 14, 2014 - Intelligenthospital.tv (IHTV) just released the Supply Chain Suite video from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February. Learn about some of the exciting technologies featured in the Supply Chain Suite.  IntelligentHospital.TV (IHTV) is a multi-media, web portal, dedicated to serving the educational needs of Life Sciences professionals from around the world. Watch the video here!

Healthcare Symposium Finds Three Recurring Themes

By Emily Sopensky

emily posterRecently, a day-long symposium, “Join the Evolution to the Revolution – Transforming and Innovating Healthcare Through New Technologies”, co-produced by the Intelligent Health Association and IEEE, was held just prior to the annual Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference and exhibit Read about the highlights and takeaways in this review of the Symposium.

Themed “Transforming and Innovating Health Through the Adoption of New Technologies”, the symposium featured physicians and academics whose interests and disciplines include working with and introducing new technologies in their organization or healthcare facility.

Held in the Orlando Hilton, across the catwalk from the massive Orange Coast Convention Center, the meeting featured some of brightest and engaging accelerators of wireless technology in healthcare facilities, especially hospitals. This is the fourth year for the symposium, which is scheduled one day prior to the commencement of HIMSS14, of the Health Information Management Systems Society. Roughly 40,000 attend this annual conference and exhibit. Read the full story here.


IHTV  Releases Four More Videos

Film icon_smallIntelligenthospital.tv (IHTV) has released four more videos from the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion and Intelligent Medical Home™ shot at HIMSS14 in Orlando this past February. Learn about some of the exciting technologies featured in the ICU and Pharmacy. See sponsors discuss the benefits to participating in the pavilion and watch a short overview of the Intelligent Medical Home™. IntelligentHospital.TV (IHTV) is a multi-media, web portal, dedicated to serving the educational needs of Life Sciences professionals from around the world. Watch the videos here!

Intelligent Medical Home™ Video Released

With our healthcare system undergoing  major changes and transformation, the Intelligent Health Association and the RFID in Healthcare Consortium  showcased the latest in technologies and solutions that make our homes safer and a primary location to deliver care and patient education. The remote care devices and “smart” home technologies you will see in the Intelligent Medical Home™ exhibit video (HIMSS14, Orlando) will be a sampling of the explosion of innovation that is happening in the healthcare “ecosystem”.

Read more and see the video here!

The RFID in Healthcare Consortium Announces
Intelligent Hospital Award Recipients

Industry Awards Recognize Leaders in Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions

NEW YORK, February 12, 2014 — The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) and Intelligent Hospital.org announced today the following six awards for 2014 and their recipients:

  • Improving Regulatory Compliance was awarded to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Conrad Emmerich, associate vice president for resource management and enterprise visibility; Beverly Essick, D.O.M. and director of clinical compliance and regulatory services; and Mary Jagim, associate director, Office of Enterprise Visibility, will receive the award.
  • The award for Improving the Patient Experience: Care and Safety was awarded to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Receiving the award are Bobbie Carroll, senior director of patient safety and clinical informatics, and Sarah Giga, MS, manager, clinical systems integration.
  • For his team, Dr. Joseph P. Drozda, Jr., director of outcomes research, Mercy, based in Chesterfield, Missouri,will receive the award for the Most Innovative Use Case.
  • Most Innovative Use of Business Intelligence was awarded to Christiana Care Health System, Newark, Delaware. Receiving the award are Leslie Mulshenock, director, Christians Care’s Heart and Vascular Interventional Services; and Matthew P. Esham, the manager for the Heart and Vascular Information Technology Department.
  • Carleen Penoza, director of infomatics, will receive the Most Innovative Use for Physical Security award for Beaumont Health System of Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Conrad Emmerich will receive the Best Comprehensive Integration award for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Read the full press release here.

Judges for 2014 Intelligent Hospital Awards Announced

NEW YORK, November 20, 2013 — Intelligent Hospital, a subisdiary of the RFID in Healthcare Consortium, announces the judges for its second annual Intelligent Hospital Awards. The awards recognize the companies and individuals that have made significant contributions to patient care and healthcare facility management.

The distinguished judges are: Gisele Bennet, Georgia Institute of Technology professor; Alfonso Gutierrez, University of Wisconsin distinguished researcher; Donna Hudson, University of California-San Francisco professor; Daniel W. Engels, Southern Methodist University associate professor; and John W. Walz, consultant and retired Lucent Technologies manager.  Read the full press release here.

Intelligent Hospital Awards Enter Second Year
and Open Call for Nominations

RFID at HIMSS convention trade showNEW YORK, November 1, 2013 — The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) and Intelligent Hospital.org – pioneering organizations in advanced technology initiatives for improved patient care and healthcare facility management – are now accepting nominations for the second annual Intelligent Hospital Awards: http://intelligenthospital.org/awards

Chaired by Emily Sopensky, co-founder of the RHCC, the 2014 Awards Committee comprises solution leaders Ascom Systems (US); Cardiopulmonary Corp.; CareFusion; Ekahau; HP; MEPS Real Time, Inc.; Skylight Healthcare Systems, Inc; Skytron; STANLEY Healthcare; WaveMark; Clinical Computer Systems; PDC; Brother Mobile

Read the full press release here.

New Photos & Videos Now Available from HIMSS13 – New Orleans!

We now have new video and photos with detailed descriptions of the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS13 – New Orleans.

Follow this link to visit our updated and expanded Photo Gallery or this link to visit the Video Gallery. Learn more about the Intelligent Hospital and what our sponsors thought about the benefit of their participation. We will be adding more videos in the coming weeks from IHTV, so please come back and visit again!.

Watch Our Newest Videos Now On IHTV!

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An Intelligent Hospital™ and RFID in Healthcare Consortium Overview

Harry Pappas, CEO of the RFID in Healthcare Consortium explains how and why the organization was formed, with IHTV video of the 2013 Intelligent™ Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS13 in New Orleans.

The educational demonstrations at the, Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion deliver a number of compelling use cases across collaborating vendors that highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly, interoperate with state of the art, medical equipment and co-exist to improve the overall patient care environment.

Sponsors Are Impressed With Their Participation In The Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion

Sponsors of the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion comment and share their thoughts on their participation at the HIMSS13 exhibition in New Orleans and involvement with the RFID in Healthcare Consortium.

The Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion brings together not only RFID and RTLS technology firms and their many use cases, but also new and complementary technologies such as NFC, bar coding, software, sensors, and wireless technology firms all at one easy, accessible location.

The Intelligent Hospital ™ Pavilion at HIMSS2013, Exceeds Expectations!

Inside the Intelligent Hospital – Past Vision, Future Reality

Standing at the entrance to the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion at the HIMSS13 Conference – waiting for the ribbon ceremony to conclude and let the crowd of eagerly waiting attendees into the exhibit – I couldn’t help but think back to 2007 when several of us from the RFID Technical Institute and the pavilion overviewInternational RFID Business Association began designing the education model for the healthcare environment of the future. The challenge was to envision the overall hospital care process from end-to-end and begin mapping new enabling technologies to the various clinical work methods. We had an arsenal of new auto-identification tools – RFID, RTLS, sensors, etc. – that begged to be incorporated into this challenging, complex setting. Each operational area of the hospital was reviewed for its strengths and weaknesses and then revised by applying a suitable tool that produced benefit – performance improvement and/or risk mitigation. The envisioned hospital work methods model became the basis of the design for educational courseware that prototyped the intelligent hospital experience and provided a framework concept for the development of the pavilion.

RFID at HIMSS convention trade showAs the opening ceremony commenced there was a sense in the audience that something special was about to happen. Then on cue, maneuvering between onlookers, there appeared the newly introduced RP-7i ® Robot from INTOUCH HEALTH – a device combining remote control and remote presence technologies that allows a remote clinician to see and interact with patience and staff. The “robotic physician’s assistant” proceeded toward the pavilion entrance and delivered the ribbon cutting scissors to complete the opening ceremony. With that small task facilitated in a creative way the RP-7i aid suddenly became symbolic of greater things to come, not only in the pavilion, but also within the broader healthcare industry. Welcome to our new electronic member of the hospital community! Continue reading here.

The RFID in Healthcare Consortium and HIMSS have partnered in  2011, 2012 and again for 2013 to deliver a series of educational programs to the life sciences industry to help raise the level of awareness for the use of a technologies in improving patient care, safety, and operating efficiencies in a healthcare, assisted living and nursing home facilities.

IH HIMSS2012 Banner

The “Intelligent Hospital ™” section, comprised of FIVE rooms, was the HIGHLIGHT of the 10,800 square foot pavilion in 2012. It included:
  • a complete OR suite
  • state of the art War Room
  • a fully equipped ICU
  • a Step DownRoom
  • a complete ED facility

In addition, the 2013 pavilion included:

  • a Virtual Theatre
  • a Hospital Smart Pharmacy
  • an EMS vehicle
  • more exciting new use cases and demonstrations
  • an RHCC Intelligent Hospital Awards Ceremony
  • a two evening  Cocktail Reception

The “Intelligent Hospital ™” section of the Pavilion provided a practical overview of a variety of technologies seamlessly integrated to provide clinicians with ‘real-time’ patient information delivered to their smartphones or tablets. Numerous use cases simulated scenarios from the OR, ICU, Step-down and ED rooms as part of the “Intelligent Hospital”.

Clinicians saw first-hand how information collected through the use of  data capture technologies and from diverse patient care environments including remote locations.  The pavilion showcases solutions that incorporated auto-ID/Bar code scanning, RFID, RTLS (real time locating systems), Sensors and Wireless technologies. The “Intelligent Hospital™” demonstrated centralized and distributed methods of managing physiological data and alarms. The Pavilion focused on raising the level of awareness and educating healthcare professionals. To learn more about HIMSS13,  view the HIMSS13 brochure HERE!


About The Intelligent Hospital™

Dr. Paul Frisch,<br>President, CTO

Dr. Paul Frisch, President, CTO

The “Intelligent Hospital™” has been designed and developed by the RFID in Healthcare Consortium, (RHCC) a not for profit, educational organization www.rfidinhealthcare.org) our sponsoring technology vendors and with the invaluable input and advise from are our esteemed, healthcare professionals on the Pavilion Advisory Board. The objective of the “Intelligent Hospital™” is to demonstrate the changing healthcare patient envi­ronment by integrating advanced clinical devices with layers of interconnectivity among supporting technologies, such as auto-ID, RFID, RTLS, Sensors, and Wireless along with point-of-care information delivery and communications devices. The combination of these clinical devices, systems and supporting technologies addresses many of the issues affecting workflow and potentially impacting patient care and safety."

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About our Partner HIMSS

Read the Full Press Release with more information about the Intelligent Hospital Awards HERE!